The evidence is certainly there, though. It’s a fact that hidden cameras have saved peoples from horrible situations. Children cannot let their parents know what goes on when they’re alone. 28; the Cap Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis on Aug. 30; the XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, Conn. On Aug.

Netflix climbed 3 percent to $147.25 Monday, but slumped 1.5 percent in aftermarket trading as it didn gain as many subscribers in the first quarter as investors hoped. Its profit guidance also fell short of analyst estimates. Crude lost 53 cents, or 1 percent, to $52.65 a barrel in New York.

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The rocket will then lurch toward the moon at 6,000 mph as LCROSS follows a number of minutes behind. Centaur will smash into a south pole lunar crater, causing a miles high plume of moon dust. LCROSS will fly through that plume, taking pictures and sending them back to Earth.

So happy to hear that the poet laureate of my time has dry spells, he said. God for that. I thought it was just me. There are many possible explanations for why Americans pay so much more. It could be that we’re sicker. Or that we go to the doctor more frequently.

First thing that you got to do is change your environment. If you want to change what your kids are eating, change what available in the home, Dr. Meehan suggested. The expression beware also springs to mind. It is not just the sales person job to convince us to buy it. Our job as the buyer is to do the math and to look at the genuine ROI (return on investment) of our purchase.